March 9, 2020

To all Customers of Victor Insulators Inc.

We supply porcelain, polymer, and glass insulators to each utility across the world.  As we look at our supply chain and see how the coronavirus has affected the global economy, we wanted to let you know that Victor Insulators is prepared to help out and make sure you are protected.

We source a number of our products out of China with numerous plants around the country.  We have backups to our primaries who have been approved to Victor Insulators’ standard of quality.  All plants have been back to work and have not significantly affected any lead times for open orders.

In the event that one plant may close down, we have an alternative which our competitors do not and that is manufacturing most of the products in Victor, NY.  From pin-types to station posts, we have 3 shifts of workers dedicated to provide the necessary products you need for your projects and inventory.  

Please contact our office or your local Victor representative for more information on how we can best serve you.


John Tinsley
VP of Sales

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