Storm Ready Master Plan

Victor Insulators is committed to helping and supplying products to customers who are affected by storms across the country. Being available and to communicate with Victor is our number one priority as information can change each day. Victor will provide customer service support, inventory and shipping support, and manufacturing support during emergency events.


  • We have dedicated customer service professionals ready to help when there are questions during a storm event (Please see below contacts)

Product Information:

  • We offer a wide variety of insulator products that are necessary to get the power back on-line.


  • Contact your local rep or send us an email and we will get you a quote within 1 hour of sending the request.

Shipping Plan:

  • We stock insulators in three strategic locations across the US which helps with quicker turnaround time and availability.

Inside Sales Contacts:

John Tinsley (Sales Manager) –
Cell: 585-430-8689

Angel Collazo –

Jayne Pratt –

PDF Version of this announcement available here.