Pin Posts

Pin Post Insulator Designs

The pin post insulator is a unique design, combining the advantages of the line post insulator with with the advantages of the pin type insulator. These insulators offer an economical alternative to line post insulators (fitting on the same mounting pins as pin type insulators) while providing the improved operating characteristics of line posts – more rugged construction, improved resistance to lightning impulse damage, and standard ANSI threaded pin holes. The insulators are designed with standard ANSI neck dimensions to enable use of existing pre formed (wrap lock) ties.

Pin Post Insulators

Cat. No. App. kV* Neck Pin Hole Diameter (in.) Cantilever (lbs.) Qty per Pallet
144 14.4 F 1 2000 216
143R 25 F 1 3000 180
147R 34.5 F 1 3000 144
148R 34.5 F 1-3/8 3000 144

* Typical application voltages are intended as a guide only and may be affected by service environment or other factors. Please consult factory if more information is required.

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